Grue Charlie

So Yeah, I made a charlie. 

Referenced aluox’s charlie design

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whirs sadly

I made a sad robo because I’ve sad for the past three hours. Now I feel better tho. 

His name’s Arty or A14 and he likes humans and bunnies

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self portrait for art class

hoot hoot im an owl

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So I really like fishy people

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The fuzzy dragon is done and I am a happy pineapple. Personally I feel like it could have turned out better, but as my first art doll im fairly pleased with the overall result.

im thinking about making another doll but I dont know what to do yet. If anyone has suggestions you should send them my way. :)

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ugly groaning
ive stabbed my fingers so many times…

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my precious little dragon is close to completion! hes a fuzzy little creature of fuzz. sadly his ears fell off during the baking process but i can fix that.

i think.

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messing around with a new program
and accidentally maxwelled.

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okay so i fucked up the tags earlier so im just going to post this again

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